El Caminito del Rey.

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If you stay on the Sunshine Coast and if you don't want to go to the beach?
And if you hate Golf ..... at least for one day ?

The road of the Bulls.

The magnificent Andalusian countryside is highlighted in this tour along the Route of the Bulls in route to Medina Sidonia.
The stunning countryside with its castles and fortifications conjures up images of historic battles of yesterday. Its churches and monuments will satisfy the most demanding seekers of historic beauty. A most memorable day out in the real Spanish heartland.
For nice images visit this site with a lot of Pictures of Andalucia
The Route of the Bulls takes its name from the many herds of young bulls to be seen in the surrounding countryside being bred and groomed for glory in bullrings throughout Andalucia. Medina Sidonia: The main part of this exclusive, breathtaking day out is the city of Medina Sidonia. Boasting archaeological sites dating back to the Neolithic age. History saw this area invaded by the Muslims in the 8th century and in the 9th century it was attacked and destroyed by the Normans. The Christians conquest began with the campaigns of King Fernando III around 1.249. It was created a city in 1.472 after a very bloody battle when the French occupied the municipality in 1.810.
The festival of the city begins on 24th January, the day of the patron saint the Virgen de la Paz.

  • Important monuments to visit.
  • Santa María Mayor la Coronada Church.
  • Santos Martires Hermitage.
  • Remains of the fortress and the castle.
  • Water Carriages and Roman sewers.
  • Las Monjas de Arriba Convent.


The city of Cordoba was founded by the Roman Praetor Claudius Marcelus in the years 152 BC, and in a short time it became the capital of Ulterior Spain.
In its surroundings some of the fiercest battles between the armies of Caesar and Pompeii, took place.
The city reached its artistic and cultural splendour, during the Arab occupation (711 until 1236, when it was reconquered by the Christian armies). During the Xth century the city was declared capital of Al-Andalus (Andalusia), reaching the status of Caliphate in the year 929, with King Abderraman III. Its Cathedral and Mosque, have been declared Patrimony of Mankind by the UNESCO.


Only within an easy drive, (30 minutes) from ourself catering accommodation in Sotogrande, Gibraltar, standing as it does at one of the world's most strategic crossroads has always attracted visitors.
No town existed until 1160 when a small walled city was built. Today this is known as Casemates.
The majestic Rock which dominates the entrance to the Mediterranean has, over the years, been fought over and occupied by many nations.
High on the Rock you will experience the Moorish Castle, this ancient fortress was last rebuilt in 1.333 is situated on the North western slope and its Tower of Homage dominates the only land entrance to Gibraltar.
Crowded with history, the Rock of Gibraltar, as it is known throughout the world, is now a tourist attraction high on the list of visitors from around the world.
As a duty free port it offers fantastic shopping opportunities for alcohol, Tobacco, hand embroidered linen, perfumes, Havana Cigars and jewellery including gold and silver to entice visitors of all ages.
Top of the list of things to see come the Barbary Apes, tailless monkeys who inhabit the Rock, Dolphins, wild dolphins, which can be seen at close quarters in the bay where they enjoy the warm Mediterranean waters.
Plus, the Alameda Botanical Gardens, St. Michael's cave, The Museum relating Gibraltar's fantastic history over 200 million years in the making and so much more.
A visit to the Rock of Gibraltar is a must for travellers from around the world. Duty free shopping, the Barbary Apes, dolphins, history past and present, Gibraltar has it all.


Ronda, the city it is said to be equal part Art.
Within an easy drive (45 min.) from your holiday apartment in Estepona, within an easy 45 minute drive history and Beauty, was in its heyday an impregnable fortress town situated on a plateau 780 meters hough in the Southwest of Malaga province.
Ronda is perched 780 meters high on a plateau with the peaks of Sierra de San Cristobal and Sierra de Grazalema clearly visible to a height of 1.640 meters. Their high rainfall make it a natural habitat for many wild animals.
Ronda is dominated by El Tajo, the world famous gorge over 700 metres high.
It is said that in olden times convicted criminals were thrown over the gorge to certain death on the rocks below.
The Royal Maestranza Bullring is one of the oldest in Spain and was a popular haunt of stars such as Ava Gadner, Errol Flynn and Orson Wells.
The house of the giant, The Abode of the Moorish King. The Moorish Baths, Arch of King Philip V, House of Juan Bosco, Church of Santa Maria la Mayor and the convent of San Francisco. You will be struck by the British influence throughout your journey to Ronda.

Tangiers. Morocco.

If you stay in one of our holiday rentals in Estepona, just take the road to Tarifa and take the boat for Tangiers, you will be in Tangiers in 45 minutes. Located as it is in Morocco, in North Africa, Tangiers conjures up images of the desert, camels, dusky maidens and Ferocious Berber tribesmen.
The romantic basis of so many Hollywood epic films.
The Spanish occupations has left its mark in ways which make the city ROMANTIC, HISTORICAL and MYSTERIOUS.
A visit to Tangiers today includes the ancient and modern history of the African centre of the culture and art
Your visit must includes a tour of the walled city ( Medina ), to get to the Kasbah through the Jewish quarter where we become aware of the many mixed cultures that exist in harmony in today´s Morocco.
You will have also to visit the market and have time to browse and buy souvenirs and beautiful hand woven carpets. Leather goods, hand embroidered linen made into fabulous caftans, Jherbas and Jhellabas and beautiful pottery. Things to take home for friends and family.

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