The Costa del Sol White Villages.

Every year, once the spring rains have passed, their houses are meticulously whitewashed and the white provides a dazzling contrast to the brightly coloured flowers which fill the streets. These villages are known to the Spanish as, simply, "Los Pueblos Blancos", the white villages.
All this White villages are a short way to ours holiday rentals in the Sunny Spain.
Many of these villages were founded by Berber tribes during the Moorish presence. Because of the constant threat of attack, they chose sites which were high and easy to defend. So, one thing that you are guaranteed in any of these villages is a spectacular, lofty location with wonderful views.
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Casares. Southern Spain.

Only 14 Kilometers from our Holiday Lettings in Puerto la Duquesa Casares is a picture postcard village and the view from the approach is definitely worth a photo. There are plenty of pictures of Casares on
The 12th century Castle, around which grew the present town center, was founded by the occupying Moors, the town surrendered to the Catholic forces after the fall of Ronda in 1485 and was handed over to Rodrigo Ponce de León, Duke of Cádiz. More recent history indicates the old village as the birthplace of the father of Andalusian nationalism, Blas Infante Perez de Vargas, who was born in 1885 and died during the civil struggle in 1936.
Since 1978 the historical and artistic heritage of the village has been officially protected.

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